Has it been a whole year?

It has been a year since Ginger retired and left with George on their great Honduran adventure. We have had the dream of owning our own little dive resort in the Bay Islands of Honduras (Islas de la Bahia) for many years and finally decided that, before we get too old, we better just “gut it up” and sell everything and do it. We had some rough spots thinking we had found the perfect place and having the deal fall through a couple or three times during our first 4 months on Roatan. We came back home to handle the dive shop and regroup. We knew we had made the right move; we just needed to continue looking for the right property and place. After a couple of months, we returned to Roatan and decided to broaden our horizons and look at other islands. We ended up finding a beautiful 1 1/4 acre tract on the north shore of Guanaja. We had not planned on building our project from the ground up, but that’s how it has worked out, and we now know that’s what we were meant to do. It is turning into a beautiful place, and we are completely excited about it. We are enjoying the experience of creating it, but we are really looking forward to being able to share it with our friends and clients.