First guests & sunset

Rick and Timmy were our first guests, and if all our guests are this great, we are going to have a very easy, fun job! They stayed with us for 2 great weeks. Here are their comments on their stay: “Timmy and I (Rick) had a great time and are proud to be your first guests. Just to help you out a little I offer a few pro’s and con’s. The Hosts were too friendly; the food was too good; the diving was too fantastic. On the con side – The Hosts were super friendly and hospitable; the food was great; and the diving was incredible. I wish you guys the best of luck.” – Rick “Wow . . . What more can I say! I am so proud to be your first guests! I came not knowing what to expect, but I never expected the incredible treatment we received. I don’t remember when I have been treated so much like a princess in a paradise. The owners are more than host and hostess, they become your friends. I learned to dive where here and I’m hooked! HOOKED on Ginger, George, diving, Clearwater Paradise, and all their staff!! I’ll be back. Thank you for everything!” – Timmy
And, of course there are always those fabulous sunsets that Ginger missed terribly while in the States. (Yes, I know Austin has some wonderful sunsets, but there’s a lot to be said when you see them over a beautiful endless ocean.)
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