Saturday, December 26, 2009

Contact Us

So, this looks great! How do I contact George and Ginger for reservations!?!

You may call us at: 011-504-3-303-7444 (George) or 011-504-3-286-5656 (Ginger) and, of course you may always email us at:

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Eve said...

Hello George & Ginger,
My name is Eve and I am your neighbor down the beach (toward Bo's). I just read your blog and am excited about your project. I wish you many guests - - it sounds like it will be a great place. Where exactly are you? Near Mangrove Bight? I came across your blog because you are linked with a few folks that I know on facebook. I think that you met Dawn & Jim when they came over to Guanaja to pay my taxes for me.

Anyway . . . best wishes for the new year. I look forward to meeting you the next time I am on the island!
Eve Horowitz