Friday, July 10, 2009

Recent Comments

Recent visitors to our little paradise were Jim and Dawn, who live in La Ceiba, Honduras and do charity work with orphans there. Dawn has a fabulous blog: They made a trip to Guanaja in March, and afterward, wrote of their travels on their blog. Below are comments made about George and Ginger and Clearwater Paradise. (To the cooks out there, the "sardines" Dawn mentions were really anchovies. (; we do not put sardines in our ceasar salad!) Thanks for the kind words, Jim and Dawn . . .

". . . we met George, the good old boy from Austin Texas and his red headed fireball of a wife, Ginger who are building an eight room resort near Mangrove Bight, Clearwater Paradise. . . . Before I tell you about their place, let me tell you about them. George is lovable in his rough around the edges good ole boy way. He is also a conundrum, who would know a Harley cut-off-sleeve-t-shirt wearing redneck-humored funny guy could cook so well? He not only can cook like a fiend, when he was talking about his soon to be open resort he mentioned wanting 800 thread count sheets. Damn, shebang, and the whole nine yards! We got to see Clearwater Paradise Resort and I have to say, this couple has taste. Loved loved loved the handmade stone floor showers and loved even more the handmade shell floor shower in their master suite. It will be an awesome place to stay, but unfortunately, way out of our budget traveler budget. Maybe they will need some help in the kitchen, which will be open to the dinning area so guests can sit around at a bar watching them cook and talk to them. Their philosophy is that at parties, everyone ends up in the kitchen and if that is where their guests will be most comfortable, they are welcome in their kitchen as well. Before I go on, I have to tell you about Ginger, a red headed freckled girl. I have to say girl…because freckles never age! She not only has a mean hand in the kitchen as well, but she has such great ideas for their garden, and I am not only talking about a flower bed here and there (although there will be plenty of those), I am talking about all kinds of vegetables and herbs, fruit even too. They already have tomatoes, peppers, and parsley. And also there are some papaya and banana trees coming up! Until the construction is all done on the resort, they are living in a thatched roof wood building at the end of the dock. They have this dream resort in mind, but to me living in a thatched roof building at the end of a dock on an island in the Caribbean Sea is a dream in itself. Their current living space will one day be the bar at Clearwater Paradise Resort. Man oh man, paradise is right! And we hope they like and remember Jim’s now signature drink to make as one of their own for their bar. Hey barkeep, I will another HenderBalz please!
We had a wonderful dinner of lobster and pasta with an awesome garlic, onion, spices, olive oil, rum and who knows what else sauce, and as a fun side dish, beer batter shark bites. Yes, fresh shark cut up into chunks dunked in a homemade batter and fried. Oh, Momma! And let me not forget the Caesar salad with homemade dressing. I had to laugh when Ginger told George, “We are down to our second to last tin of sardines.” Ha, like I have sardines sitting around just in case I was going to make some Caesar dressing from scratch! Yeah, right! Jim and I love to cook, and I do make dressing from scratch, but Caesar, no sirree! We had a wonderful time with lots of laughter. It was such a lovely surprise for this hard working resort building couple to go out of their way to make us such a nice dinner and to top it all off to share the last bit of Sharon’s (yes, the same Sharon I mentioned above) secret recipe of actually good tasting Guifity with us! And it did not end there, they had to give us a ride all the way back to the Key on the other side of the island, but I have to say it was a wonderful night out. Not a complete full moon but close, and the water was perfectly flat. A nice end to a perfect night. Thanks G&G!