Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What's in a Name ?. . . "Fall" - Fall!?!

The changes in the seasons are subtle but definitely here.
As we await the beginning of rainy season and the first "norther,"
we ended summer by having friends over to celebrate Ginger's birthday.
George pulled out the big wok and whipped up a wonderful stir fry on the dining deck,
which was shared by friends from the south side of the island.
They arrived at noon and left by 5:00 - no driving the boats after dark for most folks.

The local friends from Mangrove Bight came over and partied into the night.

It was a great day of celebration spent with great friends.

We had return guests to the nursery like our puffer fish, 2 star fish, high hat fish, and electric bulls eye ray.

We had a continuing array of very interesting moths and butterflies, and our kitchen geckos shed their skin and continued to catch dinner.

Our resident toad family continued to hang out for cheap entertainment - you know - catch the June bug, toss it in the toad's vicinity, and watch him snag it.

We also had a few visitors like the baby iguana we had for a few days before he became Houdini, slipped his harness, and took off, and the beautiful stallion that stayed for several weeks before his owner found him and returned him to the other side of island, and the frog on our glass sliding door that posed for "inside" and "outside" photos.

We unpacked the dart board to discover the backing holding the corks had pulled loose while in storage, so, Ginger removed all the corks and, along with George's help, re-glued every champagne, Patron tequila, and wine cork to the board.

We're sure all our friends who partied in the game room at the Shady Hollow house in Austin will appreciate the fact that the fabulous dart board is back up and running!

George visited Brian at End of the World resort, who was leaving for an extended stay in the States. Turns out Brian had a pisote, a/k/a coatimundi, a/k/a Brazilian anteater, a/k/a snookem bear, that he was leaving for his watchie to, hopefully, feed, soooo . . .

George called Ginger, told her to meet him at the dock to help carry up the 15 pounds of cat food Brian had given him along with some other things, and . . .

Surprise!!! We now are the proud owners of Scooter, who is very sweet, cuddly, and lovable when asleep! Otherwise, he is like 2-year-0ld triplets on a sugar high.

We are enjoying him. He is very social and never boring! And, yes, that is a pack of George's pipe tobacco from Pipe World, Scooter has decided should be his. He finally, very reluctantly, traded it for a banana.

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What's in a Name . . . "Fall" - Fall!?!

The Mangrove Bight Committee for Carnivale '10
asked us to assist with a Halloween fundraiser,
so we lent them all our decorations and some costumes for their
First Annual Mangrove Bight Haunted House and Halloween Celebration.
We also baked Halloween cookies for the bake sale.
George did a fine job selling them!

And, appropriately enough, our local bats discovered the hummingbird feeders.
We now have to bring in the feeders when we close up each night,
or the bats drain both 32 oz. feeders!

We also took some time to do what we came here for . . .
Prop up the feet, have a relaxing morning coffee, enjoy the animals,
try new recipes, like cheddar corn souffle,
and marvel at the scenery that never gets boring, like our rainbows.

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