Sunday, January 17, 2010

What Folks are Saying About Us

Here is our latest review on Trip Advisor:

We always appreciate comments from our clients! Thank you!!!


Joan said...

Great to see the impressive (an accurate!) write up on Trip Advisor!! I would add a photo of one of your wonderful guest rooms to the page. Wish we were on our way back! J&D

Guanaja Sharon said...

Dear G&G
You would think that living on the same island I would see your place more often. But, of course we know why that is not possible on a regular basis! Thanks for the great pictures and we are so glad your business is up and going! Best of luck. We know once people arrive at your place they will be treated and fed well! Good luck and keep the lovely photos up so even us living on Guanaja can see what your place is developing into!