What’s in a Name . . . “Fall” – Fall!?!

The Mangrove Bight Committee for Carnivale ’10
asked us to assist with a Halloween fundraiser,
so we lent them all our decorations and some costumes for their
First Annual Mangrove Bight Haunted House and Halloween Celebration.
We also baked Halloween cookies for the bake sale.
George did a fine job selling them!

And, appropriately enough, our local bats discovered the hummingbird feeders.
We now have to bring in the feeders when we close up each night,
or the bats drain both 32 oz. feeders!

We also took some time to do what we came here for . . .
Prop up the feet, have a relaxing morning coffee, enjoy the animals,
try new recipes, like cheddar corn souffle,
and marvel at the scenery that never gets boring, like our rainbows.
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