Come Dive in Our Aquarium

Come dive in the pristine waters of the Caribbean Ocean! G&G’s Clearwater Paradise is located on the north side of Guanaja, which is one of the three bay islands of Honduras.
The more remote north shore offers diving solitude unheard of in the more highly populated and visited bay islands of Roatan and Utila. As a result, you may do a beautiful wall dive and, instead of hanging in the water and watching your computer for a safety stop, you can follow the beautiful reef as it becomes shallower and shallower right up to the surface. Chances are you will be on the only dive boat in the visible area.
Because so much of the reef is in shallow water, the north side of Guanaja also provides some of the most beautiful snorkeling in the world. The fish haven’t learned to be scared of divers, yet, so bring your camera for the many photo ops!