Our Week “Off”

So, our week without guests since mid-January brought us our first cruisers to our bight (thank you Kathy and Fred), new kittens, new furniture for the game room, and dive master certification for our Witi. Congratulations, Witi!
Kathy and Fred Barbour sailed into our bight on the beautiful Makai cat and brought 3 cruisers with them. Wonderful to see the boats on this side of the island!
Picasa had her kittens. Two of them are black and white, and 2 are grey and white.
They are only 3 days old here, so we don’t know what color eyes we have, yet. They seem healthy. Doing what babies do: eating and sleeping. Picasa is a good mama!
We worked with Muebles Ali in La Ceiba, came up with a design, found the colors and the fabric we wanted, and placed our order.
The furniture took less than a month to make and have delivered to Guanaja.
We’re very happy with it and think it’s perfect for our game room!
George spent the year training Witi in diving. He received his open water, advanced open water, search and rescue, medic first aid and dive master certifications. Our new dive master, Witi. He’s very good and a sweetheart to boot, with a new wife and baby boy. Congratulations, Witi!
And now, we are back to guests with a scuba club of 8, thank you Rick and Julie, followed by a group of 4 (a dive master trained by George in Austin and his group), and others that will keep us busy through April. Life is good!