The Kayaks are Here!

We had some returning guests that wanted to fly fish, so we took the opportunity to order the kayaks we had been wanting.  It was a better deal to register as a dealer, so . . .

George researched kayak companies, and registered with Cobra.  We now have 3 Fish n’ Dive and 3 Play Cobra kayaks.  They arrived just in time for our guests to enjoy them.

 We picked them up from the freight boat on the Cay, and Witi and Seger unpacked them on the beach.  It was a fun job for them, and they looked forward to giving them a try.

We ordered the comfy high backed seats that have packs and drink holders.  The Fish n’ Dive kayaks have large bait buckets and places for rods, and can carry up to 3 scuba tanks.

 Our 3 guests were anxious to take the kayaks on their maiden voyage.  We got them all set up, put together a light lunch for them, because they wanted to be out all day, and . . .

 sent them on their way.  They enjoyed a week of fishing and bird watching, exploring the coastal flats, the bird sanctuary and the north shore of Guanaja.

Once the fisherman were on their way, it was time to get the Play kayaks unpacked and geared up.

 The guys couldn’t wait to get them in the water.

One of our diving guests even decided to try his hand at kayaking.  Did I hear that you fell out of the kayak, Lance?  🙂

Witi and Seger actually “worked” 2 hours extra that day to make sure the kayaks were working properly.  It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.
The last day of fishing, we put the kayaks on the Ms. G and headed out to Northeast Bight at the east end of the island.  The kayaks have proven themselves to be very stable and steady in the water.

George and the boys dropped the kayaks off  the Ms. G, the guys jumped into them and took off, spending their last day drifting the north shore of the island, eating a “boat” lunch of pasta salad, homemade bread, and homemade gingersnaps, and arriving back “home” at dusk, just in time for a last gourmet dinner before heading back to the States the next morning.

So, if you are a diver that likes to do a little fishing, a fisherman, or a birdwatcher, come on down.  We can structure a package to fit your preferences which will include enjoying our kayaks  for some independent fishing, birdwatching, or diving and can even include dropping you off and picking you up at various locations, so you can enjoy the entire island during your stay.  Of course, this will also include one of our guys as a guide.

And, of course, if you want something a little more structured, we can set you up with guided flats boat fishing, deep sea fishing, or birdwatching tours both by boat or on foot at an additional cost.