Hearing and Saying Great Things!

This is a message recently posted to Ginger’s timeline from a wonderful guest that brought one of her sons down a few years ago. Thank you, Missy!

“You and George came to mind so many times during my recent surf trip to Panama with my middle son. We had a blast because we all kept our sense of humor and our determination to stay positive, but it was no thanks to the mis-advertised, shoestring “surf camp” outfit. The owner hasn’t even been to his own camp in over two years (we found out when we got there), and it shows. He just collects people’s money at his home in Utah and trusts his local point man to keep everything up and running. NOT. When the cat’s away, the mice will play, and in the end the clients pay.
I was so grateful to have my experience with you guys as a reference point for how to do it RIGHT! You always put your clients first, you train and treat your staff well, you’re right there working shoulder to shoulder with your staff, you feed clients like they’re royalty, and of course you provide incredible dive experiences! You have created a beautiful retreat and I remain a walking billboard for G & G ‘s Clearwater Paradise.

Love you guys and hope to return someday soon!”

Missy Harris

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