About Clearwater Paradise Resort



Welcome to Clearwater Paradise Resort (CPR)

We are an eight-room boutique dive/snorkeling resort located in the beautiful Caribbean on the edge of the second largest coral reef. Situated just 30 miles off the coast of Honduras is the second smallest, most unpopulated of the three main Bay Islands – Guanaja. This translates to world class snorkeling, personal dives and fishing adventures that seem to last forever! And when you are not in the water you will enjoy some of the best meals on the Island and beds that you can sink into, in a good way, at the end of the day. Our property is boat access only, providing the privacy and seclusion for a truly laid back vacation.

Prepare to relax…Our dive operators at Guanaja Clearwater Divers will take care of everything from bringing your luggage to your room to setting up your dive and snorkeling equipment daily. And when you’re topside, your every need will be attended to by George, Ginger and their staff.

Prepare to get away…Our specialty dive and snorkeling boutique resort is just what you are looking for to unplug, unwind, and get away from EVERYTHING! But don’t worry: free Wi Fi is available in our comfortable Game Room if you are still tempted to work.