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Located about 45 miles off the mainland coast of Honduras, the Bay Islands consist of three islands—Roatan, Guanaja and Utila—along with a group of 65 or so smaller islands and cays. These form a small archipelago which lies along the Meso-American Reef.

What distinguishes these islands from the cays in Belize to the north is that the Bay Islands are also part of an underwater mountain range called Bonacca Ridge. The islands are literally the tops of the tallest mountains. Roatan is the largest of the three islands, then Guanaja followed by Utila.

Guanaja is the most mountainous, and least inhabited. The 11 mile long by 2 mile wide island is often referred to as the ‘Green’, or sometimes the ‘wild’ island because of its lush and undeveloped topography. The island is entirely surrounded by reefs. The island and its reefs have been designated as a Protected Marine Reserve.

What this means is Guanaja offers divers the best of two worlds. Because it is part of the Bonacca Ridge, there are lava formations and tunnels to explore, like Black Rock Canyon located offshore from the resort. Around the island, there are multiple wall dives of all sizes and depths, and the reef that surrounds the island is alive with color and marine life. Guanaja has over 50 named dive sites, many unnamed sites, and many more yet to be discovered. It has several wrecks, the most popular being the Jado Trader.

And the best part? The water is extremely clear (usually 80’+ visibility) and warm (76’-85’). For most people, a full dive suit is not necessary any time of year. And, being a small island, if the wind is kicking things up we just dive on the other side.

There are few places left in the Caribbean that offer spectacular diving and no crowds. When we dive, we always have the place to ourselves.

If you are looking for a SCUBA diving trip that is out of the ordinary, with truly pristine dive sites, varied dive sites, and no other dive boats around, then we are the place for you! We can accommodate anywhere from 2 divers to a group of 20.

–Our package stays include 3 daily dives, and with a package of 5 nights or more a night dive.

–We are one of the few Guanaja dive operators that offer Nitrox.

–Our rental gear is high quality and affordably priced.

–We have 2 dive boats. The 26’ panga can accommodate around 6 divers and the 43’ Portofino can accommodate up to 15.

–Our Dive Masters are experienced divers and know the Guanaja reefs and dive sites as well or better than anyone.

–There is a dive site very close to the Resort called Tito’s Labyrinth. Many experienced divers consider it the most extraordinary dive they’ve ever done. Our dive masters are among a very select group that know their way through well enough to lead a group.

We are a small boutique Resort. This allows us to offer very in that we can select your dives to match your experience and skill level.

Daily and weekly rentals, and day dives. Accommodations not included.
BCD with Regulator $25.00 $130.00
Mask, Fins, Boots & Snorkel $10.00 $50.00
Wetsuit $10.00 $50.00
Dive Computer $12.50 $60.00
Flashlight $10.00
Walk-Ups Only
Single Tank Dive* $40.00
Double Tank Dive* $75.00
Three Tank Dive* $110.00
‘Come See Me’ Buoy N/C

The Details

Scuba Divers

Dive Schedule

Our standard schedule is early breakfast with the dive boat leaving no later than 8-8:30am, and going out for two dives with fruit, snacks, and juice in between dives, coming in for a lunch break, and going back out for the afternoon dive by 2:00PM, unless it happens to be a night diving night. We typically do one night dive per week. On those days when we go to more distant dive sites, we may stay out and have lunch on the dive boat.

Dive Boat

Getting Wet

We provide a selection of tanks, including aluminum 80’s, steel 95’s, and steel 80’s, as well as a few 63’s and 50’s for those that prefer smaller tanks. We dive out of our 26’ panga, which has a sun roof and ladder and can carry up to 8 divers/snorkelers, or our 43’ Portofino Wellcraft cruiser that is outfitted for diving, island tours, or deep sea fishing. We are also equipped with 3 Cobra Fish n’ Dive kayaks for folks that want to get in some extra diving/snorkeling or flats fishing, and we have 3 Cobra Play kayaks for folks that want to just paddle around or tour the wildlife sanctuary for bird watching.


Our Marine Life

Our dive staff have sharp eyes, and not only keep close tabs on their divers but will seek to point out our Caribbean critters such as Angelfish, Barracuda, Butterfly fish, Crabs, Lobster, Dolphins, Grouper, Jackfish, Moray eels, Octopus, Parrotfish, Nurse sharks, and Seahorses! The amazingly diverse underwater ecosystem attracts and houses an astounding variety of tropical fish, Sea turtles, Sharks, and much much more. During the average dive in Guanaja, you can expect excellent visibility of 80+ feet. And, depending on the weather, water temperatures range 76-84 degrees and seas are generally calm and current free.

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