Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What's Included?

So, we've had a few inquiries that mention that we are not clear on what is included in our rates.  So, while we are patiently waiting to get our "official" website up and running, finally, here's the deal:  Our rates include airport transfers, ocean view room with one queen or 2 twin beds with pillow top mattresses, 600+ thread count sheets, ceiling fans, air conditioner, private bath with a large, walk-in shower and hot water, all meals, including snacks on the dive/snorkel boat, (keep in mind our meals are not your typical "island" fare, although we have some of that as well) and coffee/tea with breakfast and limeade/tea with lunch, 2 to 3 dive/snorkel trips per day, and a welcome cocktail.  Not included is the 19% hotel tax, bar, sodas, and bottled water, gear rental, and additional excursions.  We are able to accept payment via wire transfer to our US account or our Honduras account or via credit card through PayPal.  Once on property, we operate on a "cash only" basis and are unable to accept credit cards.  We require $150 deposit/person to get you "officially" on the calendar and payment in full 60 days prior to your arrival.  Remember, we are one of the few properties on Guanaja that will set up your hopper flight tickets for you.  With most of the other properties, you are on your own.  The flight from Roatan to Guanaja is about $200/person r.t., and Ginger is happy to add that cost to your invoice, purchase those tickets, and email the ticket numbers to you prior to your travel dates.  The airline has been great at providing "direct" flights between Roatan and Guanaja on Saturdays, and we are working on getting more of those direct flights set up during the week.  Of course, if you have a group of 4 or more, they will create a direct flight just for you!  We cater to your dietary/beverage preferences and always check with you prior to your arrival on food/beverage likes/dislikes/ allergies, etc.  We haven't been away from the "real world" so long to forget how important that vacation break can be.  We care about your comfort and relaxation while on vacation.  WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU!  We look forward to hearing from you.  Cheers!  George & Ginger

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We Just Keep Getting Better!

What a great year, so far!  We started the New Year off with great guests, moved forward into a fabulous dive group from Northwest Divers Moorehead, some lovely honeymooners, and a week-long celebration of George's birthday with friends.  In between guests, we finished our last 4 rooms, had the new tank racks added to the 43' Wellcraft Portofino boat, completed the deck around the pool, and got the new apartment above the dive shop enclosed.  We also just discovered that we are the proud recipients of a second Trip Advisor 2014 Travelers' Choice award for being one of the top 10 hotels in Honduras for Excellent Customer Service, and we received another Trip Advisor Circle of Excellence Award for the second year in a row!  

The Bottom Four Rooms Are Complete


 The boat is very comfortable for diving and relaxing


 The pool is great for relaxing, having a beverage, and just stargazing
The new apartment above the dive shop will have a full kitchen/living area, 2 bedrooms, and 2 baths  
What an honor!  Two Travelers' Choice Awards for 2014 AND a Circle of Excellence Award!

Thanks to all our loyal guests that have chosen CPR for your vacation, and a special thanks to all those that have taken the time to write a review on Trip Advisor for us!  We're still building, still making changes, and always improving, and we are here to serve you!  Cheers!  G&G

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Another Banner Year!

Once, again, G&G's Clearwater Paradise has been honored with a Travelers' Choice TripAdvisor award!  We are honored to be named in the top 10 best hotels for romance in Honduras.  We are on the way to our best year yet with the new dip pool and deck and Clearwater Divers' new 43' Portofino Wellcraft boat for diving/snorkeling, fishing, and island tours.

Thanks so much to all our loyal guests that wrote reviews for us and recommended us for this recognition, and thanks to our wonderful staff for all your hard work!  

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Well, CPR is closing out 2013 with a BANG!  Please check out our new addition at the following link.   Our dive operation is now the proud owner of what will be a fabulous dive boat.  It is in Florida waiting to be driven to Guanaja in the next week or two.  George will replace the far back seat with new tank racks and outfit the large platform with tank racks.  She's going to be a comfortable, fun boat to dive from and take to those special dive excursions.  We have completed all eight of our rooms, the swimming pool is in with a new pool deck and deck outside the first floor rooms, and, the dive shop is on its way to being completed.  What a year!  We are looking forward to a wonderful, busy 2014!  

We hope each and every one of you has a joyous holiday season and a healthy, happy, prosperous 2014!  Cheers!  G&G

We will be posting photos of the new rooms, and pool/deck soon!  Stay tuned!  

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Latest and Greatest on CPR!

Well, it has been a busy year, so far!  We just came off the longest run we've had in our 3 1/2 years of operation.  We were busy from mid-February through yesterday.  We had some fabulous guests, who experienced our trademark "Good Food, Good Beds, and Good Diving."  


We had some new furniture made for the rooms.  The folks at Muebles Ali in La Ceiba make wicker and wood furniture to your specifications.


We had our game room furniture made by them and have added these rockers and coffee table and this love seat and coffee table to two of our double rooms. 


We also had Muebles Ali build the queen futons and high-backed wicker rockers we put in the sitting rooms of our 2 one-bedroom suites. 

The biggest surprise for us this year, so far, has been the receipt of a Trip Advisor award.  We were alerted that one of our fabulous guests had entered a review for us on Trip Advisor.  When we opened the link, there was the Traveler's Choice Award notification!  We had been chosen as one of the top 25 bargain hotels in the entire Caribbean for 2013!!  What a wonderful honor!  
Our wonderful staff:  (l-R) Sharon, Iris, Carlos, (George & Ginger), Vivi, Wuiti
(We want to thank Rick for loaning us Jonathan (back right) when we needed extra help)

Click on picture to enlarge.
This award certainly would not be possible without our hardworking staff and the great reviews we received from our loyal guests.  Big thanks to each and every one of you!

Some of our guests also had milestones while visiting us.  Congratulations to Paul and Lois on celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary while here.  And, we had our first marriage proposal!  Woohoo!  Ryan proposed to Jenn on one of their last dives of their vacation with us.  We were thrilled to assist Ryan with setting it all up and hope they have many long, happy years together spending many more fabulous vacations at CPR.  

We are now diligently working on completing the 4 first floor double rooms and getting the swimming pool in before August.  We have a large group in for Carnival, which is the end of July and beginning of August, and are working to make sure everything is in place for their arrival.  

Keep in touch with us and continue following our progress as we work toward the completion of and continued improvement of CPR!  We have the support of a great staff and our growing base of wonderful guests, many of which we feel have become friends.  Your encouragement keeps us going.  Thanks!  

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Cheers to all the Dad's out there!  George's daughter, Haley, has made his day very special by coming down to spend 2 weeks with him.  She's his first family member to visit, and he's planning to make sure she has a fun, relaxing vacation with tons of pristine diving. 

Welcome, Haley, and Happy Father's Day, George!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Kayaks are Here!

We had some returning guests that wanted to fly fish, so we took the opportunity to order the kayaks we had been wanting.  It was a better deal to register as a dealer, so . . .

George researched kayak companies, and registered with Cobra.  We now have 3 Fish n' Dive and 3 Play Cobra kayaks.  They arrived just in time for our guests to enjoy them.
 We picked them up from the freight boat on the Cay, and Witi and Seger unpacked them on the beach.  It was a fun job for them, and they looked forward to giving them a try.
We ordered the comfy high backed seats that have packs and drink holders.  The Fish n' Dive kayaks have large bait buckets and places for rods, and can carry up to 3 scuba tanks.
 Our 3 guests were anxious to take the kayaks on their maiden voyage.  We got them all set up, put together a light lunch for them, because they wanted to be out all day, and . . .

 sent them on their way.  They enjoyed a week of fishing and bird watching, exploring the coastal flats, the bird sanctuary and the north shore of Guanaja.

Once the fisherman were on their way, it was time to get the Play kayaks unpacked and geared up.
 The guys couldn't wait to get them in the water.
One of our diving guests even decided to try his hand at kayaking.  Did I hear that you fell out of the kayak, Lance?  :)
Witi and Seger actually "worked" 2 hours extra that day to make sure the kayaks were working properly.  It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

The last day of fishing, we put the kayaks on the Ms. G and headed out to Northeast Bight at the east end of the island.  The kayaks have proven themselves to be very stable and steady in the water.

George and the boys dropped the kayaks off  the Ms. G, the guys jumped into them and took off, spending their last day drifting the north shore of the island, eating a "boat" lunch of pasta salad, homemade bread, and homemade gingersnaps, and arriving back "home" at dusk, just in time for a last gourmet dinner before heading back to the States the next morning.

So, if you are a diver that likes to do a little fishing, a fisherman, or a birdwatcher, come on down.  We can structure a package to fit your preferences which will include enjoying our kayaks  for some independent fishing, birdwatching, or diving and can even include dropping you off and picking you up at various locations, so you can enjoy the entire island during your stay.  Of course, this will also include one of our guys as a guide.

And, of course, if you want something a little more structured, we can set you up with guided flats boat fishing, deep sea fishing, or birdwatching tours both by boat or on foot at an additional cost. 


Monday, April 16, 2012

April Birthday Celebrations

Thanks for the fabulous cake, Joan! Too bad the nice breeze blew all but one of the candles out for the birthday gang!

Happy Birthday, Shawn, George, Geri, and Dave! "And many mooooorrrre. . ."
We had a perfect day to have a get together with many of our great friends on Guanaja to help celebrate the April Birthdays of David, George, Shawn and Geri. Lots of great food, good music, good conversation and laughs!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Week "Off"

So, our week without guests since mid-January brought us our first cruisers to our bight (thank you Kathy and Fred), new kittens, new furniture for the game room, and dive master certification for our Witi. Congratulations, Witi!
Kathy and Fred Barbour sailed into our bight on the beautiful Makai cat and brought 3 cruisers with them. Wonderful to see the boats on this side of the island!
Picasa had her kittens. Two of them are black and white, and 2 are grey and white.
They are only 3 days old here, so we don't know what color eyes we have, yet. They seem healthy. Doing what babies do: eating and sleeping. Picasa is a good mama!
We worked with Muebles Ali in La Ceiba, came up with a design, found the colors and the fabric we wanted, and placed our order.
The furniture took less than a month to make and have delivered to Guanaja.
We're very happy with it and think it's perfect for our game room!
George spent the year training Witi in diving. He received his open water, advanced open water, search and rescue, medic first aid and dive master certifications. Our new dive master, Witi. He's very good and a sweetheart to boot, with a new wife and baby boy. Congratulations, Witi!
And now, we are back to guests with a scuba club of 8, thank you Rick and Julie, followed by a group of 4 (a dive master trained by George in Austin and his group), and others that will keep us busy through April. Life is good!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Newest Family Member

Meet the latest addition to our island family. This is Picasa (named for her little black goatee), who was a ferel cat that showed up at our back door a few weeks ago. She has gone from running scared to spending her nights sleeping on the chair cushions in the restaurant. She's still a little skittish about being petted, but is coming around nicely. She's a typical little sweet tuxedo kitty.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye to a good 2011 and Happy New Year to a better 2012!

Well, 2011 was a pretty good year for G&G. We almost doubled the number of guests over 2010 and managed to save enough money to make some of the "funner" improvements/finishes to the property like getting the game room finished, we hope, this January and ordering fun lounge furniture for the decks and comfy seating for the "movie area" of the game room. We are so thankful for all our wonderful guests we had this year and are excited about all the reservations we already have for 2012. We hope everyone has a safe, fun-filled New Year's Eve and a healthy, prosperous 2012 filled with love and happiness!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Well, we tried to download our Christmas card, but unable to. So, here's to a very Merry Christmas to all our friends. We hope you all are having a fulfilling holiday with loved ones, and please know that everyone who is dealing with loss and health issues are in our hearts and prayers. Love and peace to you all - G&G

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

If you're thinking of getting your scuba certification in Paradise . . .

Here's a tip:
If you are thinking of coming to Paradise to get your scuba certification, please get the instructor's certification number and check with their scuba association to make sure they are, and have been, current on their dues and certifications. Believe it or not, there may be a few folks that tell you they can certify you, and actually know what they are doing, but don't actually have the credentials to do it. By the time you are back home and never receive your certification card, it will be too late to recoup your funds, and you will have to begin again on your certification class. If the instructor is current with his association, he should have no problem giving you the necessary information for you to check on his credentials.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wow! Has it been a year!?!

Wow! We can't believe it's been another year already! We have been very busy with wonderful guests and many exciting projects. It seems there's never a dull moment in Paradise! 

We've spent a lot of time on additional landscaping and essentials such as rain gutters, additional water storage, etc. over the last year. Now, we hope to get back to the "fun" projects like completing the game room and starting work on the swimming pool! 

So, check out what our fabulous guests have to say about us on Trip Advisor, and stay tuned to the newest additions. 

Also, a big THANK YOU to all our guests this year. We really enjoyed meeting and getting to know each and every one of you!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Payment Method

Great News!!!

We are now able to accept payment by credit card through PayPal. Just click on the new PayPal page button to the right.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bring your Group to Paradise

If you have a special interest group and are interested in visiting Paradise, G&G's Clearwater Paradise is happy to accommodate you!
Doug Connor, one of the owners of Half Moon Bay Kayak Co., usually brings a few groups down each year for the wonderful kayaking in our area. So, come on down and indulge your favorite past time. And, if you are in the San Francisco Bay area, drop in to Half Moon Bay Kayak Co. and tell Doug that George and Ginger said "Hi!"